About Us

The Good Stuff Tonics celebrates The Good Stuff in the cannabis plant, The Good Stuff in the beverages we create, and The Good Stuff in all of us. Studies have shown cannabis to be medicinal. It’s about our endo-cannabinoid system and it’s relationship with the plant. There are numerous findings that support cannabis as a suitable treatment for disorders ranging from nausea and pain to post traumatic stress disorder and neurological problems. A diverse group of scientists and doctors who have done their research have determined that cannabis is medicine. The Good Stuff Tonics strongly believes that we all need to care about what we are ingesting. We believe in natural products and do our best to responsibly use organic ingredients that are grown as locally as possible. In addition, we Lab test THC and CBD levels for your comfort and safety.

Lastly, The Good Stuff Tonics is greatly influenced by ice-cream makers Ben & Jerry. Their diligent and sincere example as to how a flourishing pursuit bears the responsibility to share in its success is a shining example for all businesses. So, The Good Stuff Tonics prosperity will be linked to take care of not only our customers and employees, but also our partners, our investors, and our local and global community. When considering using cannabis please be at least 21 years of age and carefully consider your state laws. Also, don’t take our word for it! Do your own research – read studies & talk to friends and family you trust who have tried cannabis. Ultimately, you are your own best advocate for your health and well-being – make decisions as wisely as you can. If you do decide to use cannabis, we encourage you to consider The Good Stuff Tonics. When you drink our beverages you connect to The Good Stuff in the plant, The Good Stuff in the drink, and The Good Stuff in all of us!

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